Specializing in Leak Detection and Repair of your pool.

Leak Detection

leak detection

What we offer

Water Leak Detection

Plumbing leaks are a big problem that require immediate attention. Evolution Leak Detection is equipped for leak detection of all types of pool, spa, and fountain leaks. We are committed to providing the best quality leak detection in the DFW.

Leak Repairs

A full leak detection consists of pressure testing the underground plumbing pipes, dye testing any troubled areas for structural integrity and inspecting your equipment for any possible issues.

Leaks can occur for an abundance of reasons including cracked or broken pipes/ fittings, tree roots, and ground movement.  A small leak, if not addressed in a timely manner could result in additional leaks and higher cost in maintaining the pool. Your spa/pool is the largest water using appliance on your property, so if you think you have even a small leak give us a call to pinpoint it.

Leak Detection Services for Pools, Spas, & Foundations

Keep a lookout for these leak warning signs:

Your pool, fountain, or spa loses more than 1/4 an inch of water a day

There are cracks in or around the pool decking

You need to add water more than once a week

Grass around the area is soggy

Your pool deck is sinking or lifting

The bucket test indicates there is a leak


Real customer stories

We began having leak problems in July for no apparent reason – sometimes over an inch a day. We tried all the DIY fixes which helped for a short while then the leaks got worse. We called Evolution and Dakota was able
to identify the location of the leak in one of the pool return lines relatively quickly. We shut the returns off and allowed the pump to run normally until he was able to perform the repairs which turned out to be a faulty pipe joint under the cement slab. He repaired the leak and we’ve had no water loss since. Great job!

Michael Brown

5 Stars

Dakota was fantastic! Supper friendly and very helpful, he knew the answers to all our questions. Before we hired Evolution we hired a different leak detection company because Evolution was booked up for a while… we should have wait we got robbed by the other company ( Aquarius Pool ). Luckily Dakota helped us out and found the leak! If you want a company that isn’t here to just take your money but actually do the job right this is the right company! We will be using them for any Pool issues we have in future.

Alyssa Rooney

5 Stars

It’s rare today that you actually find an individual who will stand behind their work and the warranty of their work. Blessed to have had this very favorable experience w Dakota. Mike W.

Michael Woodriff

5 Stars