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Pool Leak Detection and Repair: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my pool has a leak?

• Visible Water Loss: If you notice a water level drop of more than a quarter inch in a day, it could be a sign of a leak. Keep in mind that some water loss is normal due to evaporation, splashing, or backwashing.

• Cracks or Structural Damage: Visible cracks or damage in your pool’s walls, floor, water features, or spa could indicate a leak. Even small cracks can result in significant water loss over time.

• Wet Spots: Regularly check the pool’s surroundings and equipment for wet or soggy areas, particularly if they consistently appear in the same spot.

• Unexplained Chemical Imbalance: A leak might cause instability in your pool’s water chemistry. If you find it hard to maintain the chemical balance despite routine upkeep, this could suggest a leak.

What is a Bucket test and how do I perform it?

The Bucket Test is a simple DIY method to detect leaks.
Follow these steps:

1. Fill a bucket with pool water.
2. Mark the water level on the inside of the bucket.
3. Place the bucket on the pool steps or tanning ledge (where the water level matches the pool).
4. After 24 hours, compare the water levels inside and outside the bucket.
5. If the pool water level has dropped more than the water inside the bucket, there might be a leak.



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